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  • Our Mission

    Our mission in the Register of Deeds office is to maintain and preserve public records according to the statutes of the State of Kansas and make them easily accessible for public viewing. Our office handles real estate transactions, oil and gas instruments, geneology, DD214’s, Tax Liens, cemetery deeds and UCC Codes.

    Filing fees and required indexes are set by State statute. Our earliest records, beginning in 1885, are hand-recorded in books. In 1972 we began microfilming records in-house. Starting in 2004 we enter into a database on the computer, as well as continue to hand write in all the indexing books. On July 16, 2014 we started recording documents electronically using Simplifile. To start E-Recording contact Simplifile at: 800-460-5657 or visit for more information. (UCC’s are now filed in the Secretary of State’s Office, Topeka, Kansas.

    Our records are not availible online at this time.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.



  • Open Records
  • This office is governed by the Kansas Open Records Act. Almost all records in the Register of Deeds office are required by law to be open to public inspection during regular business hours. The exceptions are the Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire and military discharge records, which are open to authorized persons.

  • General Recording Requirements


Documents presented for recording must be an Original document, signed and notarized. No photo copies will be recorded.

Per KSA 28-115 The document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear and legible reproduction. A font of 8 is small and hard to reproduce.

We must have a printed name under ALL signatures, make sure the notary stamp is clear and dark so it can be reproduced per Statute 53-105 & 28-115.

The document must have a complete legal description. The legal description is found on the previous deed, not from the the Appraisers office website. This typically includes a lot and block number and division or subdivision name for platted property. Unplatted areas usually contain section, township, and range numbers. If no legal description is on the document it will be indexed only in the miscellaneous book.
Deeds that are changing ownership must have an original Sales Validation Questionnaire or the exemption typed on the deed along with the exemption number.

When a document is recorded in our office, it is assigned a book and page number and the time of recording. The document is indexed and scanned into the computer. The document is then indexed into the appropriated land index book. The original document is returned to the sender.
Forms and additional information can be found on the Kansas Register of Deeds website.

The Thomas County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that our office will not refund $ 20.00 and under.

We cannot make copies of documents larger than 11 x 17. We will not accept any survey’s, easements or other documents on paper or mylar that is larger than 11 x 17. The only exception is for new Subdivision Plat.
Please mail ALL documents for recording to Register of Deeds, 300 N. Court, Colby, KS 67701. If you mail documents to the County Clerk, your documents will be delayed in getting recorded.



  • What We Do
    • Record properly prepared documents
    • Provide information of property ownership and mortgages
    • Assist in genealogical research

  • What We Cannot Do
    • Prepare legal documents or provide legal advice
    • Determine if title is good and clear
    • Provide sale price of land transactions

  • Closing Information


On the last working day of the year I will accept documents until 11:00am and e-recordings until 10:30am. No money accepted after 12:00pm.



  • Contact Us

  • Lora Volk
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    Phone: (785) 460-4535
    300 North Court
    Colby, Kansas 67701

Thomas County, Kansas

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