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  • About The Department

    The Thomas County Road Department is responsible for 113.8 miles of county gravel roads, 118.3 miles of county asphalt roads, 47 miles of roads in East Hale Township.
    Major Road Projects Planned for 2019:

    • Overlay and seal County Road K from Highway 25 to Interstate 70.



  • About The Department
  • The Thomas County Weed Department is responsible for noxious weed and prairie dog control in Thomas County. Our main goal is to identify areas in need of noxious weed and prairie dog control and advise the public on current control and eradication techniques.

    Noxious Weed Control

    List of State approved chemicals to control each noxious weed in Thomas County. Thomas County does not cost share glyphosate products.

    Thomas County currently cost shares 25% of chemical cost in controlling noxious weeds on Thomas County. List of chemicals maintained and cost shared prices by Thomas County. County spot sprays noxious weeds for growers - machinery cost per hour.

    Cost share program works several ways. Chemicals picked up at Thomas County Weed Department. Cost shared through local dealers. Must be pre-approved by County Weed Director. Reimbursed directly to grower if bill is previously paid by grower and approved by County Weed Director.

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  • Clair Schrock / Road Supervisor
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    Phone: (785) 460-4562
    300 North Court
    Colby, Kansas 67701

    Thomas County, Kansas

    "Thomas County - Agricultural, educational, cultural and service center of Northwest Kansas!  We invite you to become a part of our progressive community!"

    Mike Baughn - County Commissioner 

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