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  • About Us and Services

    The Thomas County Transportation Van is a service provided throughout Thomas County, Kansas on a call-by-call basis with first come first served availability of an approved operator.

    Services are available for riders of all ages! The van is handicap and wheelchair accessible. If a rider has special needs please advise the transit operator when scheduling ride as a personal attendant may be required to accompany the passenger. If curb to home assistance is needed then a personal attendant is required.

    Currently, there is a 1.00 dollar fee requested per drop off location in Colby.  If out of Colby city limits then a 15.00 dollar fee is requested.

    We have Punch Cards available in 10, 20 and 30 punch options.  These will be available for each Zone.


    We'll take you anywhere you need to go in Thomas County

        Hospital or doctor appointments
        Senior Center(s)
        Various locations in Thomas County



Attention Parents & Schools

For the 2019-2020 school year, parents are required to call Thomas County Transportation everyday they wish their children to ride.

If drivers have not received a call for that day, the child will not ride. For morning rides call before 5pm the evening before.

For afternoon pickups call before 1pm the day of. Be aware it is a first come first served basis for all riders. No standing reservations allowed.

Leave a message with name of student, phone number, date, time and addresses of pickup and drop-off. If no message is left, no return call will be made.

  • Contact Us

  • Shelly Harms / Director
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    Phone: (785) 443-9208
    300 N. Court
    Colby, Kansas 67701

Thomas County, Kansas

"Thomas County - Agricultural, educational, cultural and service center of Northwest Kansas!  We invite you to become a part of our progressive community!"

Mike Baughn - County Commissioner 

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 300 North Court, Colby, Kansas 67701

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